Our secret addiction

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Most of us are secretly (that is to ourselves) addicted to something common that is preventing us from being truly happy and successful.  So I would like to blog about this addiction.  We are even enabling our children more access to this terrible addiction.  Just as important is that we are addicted ourselves.  And that is the smart phone.  Yes, the phone is smart, but how and how often we use it makes us dumb.  Do you realize that around 95 percent of the people that owns one are no more than an arm’s length away from them at any time?  Do you realize that this is replacing alcohol and fatigue in being the number one cause of traffic accidents?   Have you noticed that at almost any social gathering, with the key word being social, that most people are on their smart phones?  How social is that?  Sadly, most of us are not doing mental growth types of things with them, but social type of things like Facebook, chats, and other types of social media whilst we should be connecting with those physically within reach of us.  I have so many Facebook friends that I can keep up with virtually every day, but not my real friends with whom I can physically interact with.  Stop wasting your life and time on far friends and strangers that are doing fun and exciting things and get up off your butts and contact people that are physically closer and get to actively living.  I challenge you to call someone close to you TODAY and physically do something with them TODAY!

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