Live to be 120 years old

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I will live to be 120 years old

Last Wednesday I gave a lecture at the Rotary Club in Apeldoorn and I like to tell people about my father and some of the great things he has done.  One of the favorite thing my father would say was, “I will live to be 120 years old or will die trying” and I would always say, “well, he didn’t make it, but he did die trying”, for which everyone would laugh.

Well, later Wednesday night while I was laying in bed, I dreamt about my father and realized that,”hey, maybe I am looking at this the  wrong way”.  Even though he died in 2003, I keep telling this story, so for me, in essence, he is still alive.  At least the memory of him is alive, and therefore his legacy, which is myself and his children, his grandchildren and his great grandchildren.  So he would have been 88 on the 29th of April and I will drink a toast to him. So I now proclaim that I will live to be 120 years old myself, thanks to my family and friends.  I guess that means that my dad will make it to at least 160. Freddy Mercury song, “who wants to live forever?”  ME, that’s who, hahahaha.   That is cool huh?

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