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With so much darkness in the world we often forget to look for the light.  We see and hear of so much evil and wrong doing that we too often not see the love, kindness and the good works of others.  We grow despondent and angry when we think about all the things we don’t have and stop being thankful for what we have, like our health, and loved ones.

I started this out with “we”, but these are the things that I, myself sometimes feel.  I want to say right now,” dear lord I thank you for the light in the darkness, my health, my wife and children, my family and friends far and near.   I realize that if I am not grateful for what I have,  I will receive, see, nor appreciate anything else.”

Time goes by so quickly, that sometimes we do not notice that after our birth we are on a journey to leave.  It is what we do on the journey that is important.  Don’t spend life watching others enjoy it, but get out there and enjoy it yourself.

Social media, Smartphone’s, laptops, television, etc. have made us observers sitting on the sidelines, instead of getting out there and living and being grateful for each day we have.  What will be our greatest accomplishment that we tell others in five years.  It sure won’t be, who won the voice, unless it is us who won it.

My father used to say 2 things that has always stuck in my head!  They were; “ I will get enough sleep when I am dead” , and   ” I will live to be 120 or die trying.”  He died trying and he has gotten plenty of rest physically but his spirit lives on.   He never spent a lot of time watching life happen and neither should we.

I challenge you today to pick just one  “ NO TV day”  .  Go out and do something active, alone, with family or friends.  Then come back and let me know

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