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My blog this week

My blog this week

For the last 8 months my business, A New You, has been having a tough time getting enough assignments to match the assignments I was getting before then.  And while I was looking around for more work, I was met with all kinds of excuses while things were slowing down for me. After a while I starting listening to the news and everyone else and so things got worse.   You see, I have some believes in life that guides me, but sometimes those outside voices drown out my own beliefs and I don’t hear my own beliefs anymore and that makes me change my focus.  Which brings me to one of my beliefs I want to share with you today.

I believe that whatever you focus on, it will grow.

You see, we grow every day because we are alive.  Things that don’t grow are dead, and I am definitely not dead and if you are reading this, neither are you. The whole time my company was growing I had a different mindset and concentrated on my message and those of others and how to share it. In other words I had a growth mindset.   In turn my business grew as well, even during the crisis.     Then after hearing some no’s after last summer and getting less work, I started listening to the naysayers and my company profits and assignments starting to grow in the other direction. I lost my focus and the reason why I do what I do and started focusing on losing money and that worked like a charm as well as I grew in more free time, stress and worry.  My belief was still working, but now it was working against what I truly desired.

Now, I am starting to change directions again and things are starting to go in a good direction.  And once again I am grateful to my faith, my friends, my family and my adversaries and nay sayers whom helped me to change directions and focus.  The holistic view is that everyone is put into our lives for a reason, whether we understand it at the time or never. I may not like the role that everyone plays in my life, but it is a useful tool if I am open to learn the lessons.  When I was small I was afraid of the dark, but now I embrace it to sleep. When I was called by a name other than the name my mother gave me, it taught me to how to handle adverse situations. When they wouldn’t let me and my father into a restaurant in 1968,  it helped others to bring about a change in the Old South even quicker than inviting us in.  You see, we grow every day, we grow in love, wisdom, kindness, passion, etc…..  Or we grow in hate, ignorance, intolerance, indifference, unkindness  etc.  Quantum physics states that we are always going forward.  Since that is true, let’s find helpful, productive, positive goals and move in that direction. Be wiser and blessed my friends.